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I swear this song is like, joy itself made into sound

It calms me down no matter what

it could’ve fucking stopped the cold war if everyone just sat down and listened to it

I can help but smile every time I listen to it


Appreciation for Houndoom cause theyre like demon dobermans and honestly i like that very much


this is what happened right


good thing harry potter didnt choose slytherin


Avatar + Tropes

Toph Beifong





"Name one thing you're gonna need this stupid fucking rope for."

Actually, a rope seems like a good idea trekking through a forest. Better than the shovel Fili carried earlier, though it did come in handy at the trollshaw.

But what I love most in this gif set is watching Bifur assist Fili in mounting his pony. 

I just…

I need a Fili to cuddle.

From what I saw in the Extended Edition - Mirkwood Exclusive Clip rope does not seem to play an active part,sadly.

But book had it.

Why, oh why they took away all of Fili’s moments??? Fili and apples, Fili and rope, Fili at the guard house of Lake Town…*ugly sobbing*
(and I really really wanted to see Thorin proudly announced  ”The sons of my father’s daughter, Fili and Kili of the race of Durin,”. They should have introduced them properly!!! )

Apparently PJ is in love with Aidan. I too, but not at the expense of Dean. Kili is adorable, but Fili is the heir. How can so many of his scenes be cut. Get rid of some of the stupid green screen action and give us some characterization!



I start university in 2 weeks and this is how I spend some of my last days as a free man. do I surprise anyone anymore [original]

unspeakablevice can we please make matching icons out of these at least temporarily omfg



more (slightly less) fat little birdies

*Would like to hold.*


snk + text posts


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And No, the owls are not harmed during this process.


Source  [Click HERE to follow Ultrafacts]

And No, the owls are not harmed during this process.